After the last lesson - glad you're still with us :-).  We try to give you a realistic expectation about crypto currencies.  We wanted to give you the bad news first.  Here is the good news on why you should invest in cryptocurrencies.

Why invest in crypto currencies?

  1. Returns / gains on crypto currencies are typically much higher than other investments.  If you invest in the stock market - you expect to makeWhy invest in cryptocurrencies

    about 10% a year (on average).  The same investment in crypto currencies returns about 10% a month (on average).  Hopefully more if you make good choices and invest with good information.

  2. Crypto currencies offer diversification.  Most financial advisors advise you to have a diversified portfolio.  Which means - having different types of assets and investments.  Crypto currencies offer you diversification.  This does not mean you put most of your investment money only into crypto investments.
  3. Crypto currencies are a liquid asset.  You can sell your crypto currencies in seconds online.  If you invested all your money in a house and needed cash in a hurry - how easy is it to fix up your house, find another place to live, sell your house, move all your stuff, and the paperwork?
  4. The crypto markets trade around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The stock market trades only 6.5 hours (9:30 to 4) per day, five days a week.
  5. There are far fewer government regulations regarding crypto currencies as there are other currencies and investments.
  6. Over years - you can generate a lot of cash from crypto currencies that you can pull out of crypto currencies, redeem for cash, and use to diversify and invest in other investments.  We show you how in our advanced lessons.

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