Free Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Lessons

Free Bitcoin cryptocurrency lessons
Below are our free Bitcoin cryptocurrency lessons.  We tell you what you need to know before buying your first crypto currency so that you can buy it easily, safely, and legally.  We ask that you spend about 5 to 10 minutes on each lesson to become a knowledgeable crypto investor and buy your first crypto currency.

1 - Beginner Questions

We answer several common beginner questions and direct you to more information.

2 - Danger, Danger, Danger

You wouldn't respect us if we only told you only good things could happen and did not warn you about the dangers.

3 - Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

Why is everyone buying cryptocurrencies?

 4 - How much to invest?

How much should you invest?  How can you get money to invest?  

 5 - Basic Terminology and Wallets

You think you know what a wallet is?

 6 - What is required?

What is required to buy cryptocurrencies easily, safely and legally?

 7 - Problems buying cryptocurrencies

free bitcoin cryptocurrency lessonsPrepare for the worst - hope for the best.  We spend a lot of time talking about what can go wrong so you recognize problems when they happen and know how to deal with them.  Problems become speed bumps and not dead ends.  Hopefully none of these problems will happen to you.  We just want you prepared in case they do.

 8 - Time to buy your first cryptocurrency!

Now you're ready - let's do this!

 9 - Congratulations! What Now?

Share this site with your friends and family.  Keep learning.  Move on to the free level of our premium website to become even more knowledgeable.