Our Approach

We have analyzed stock, ETF, mutual fund, and crypto currency investing for decades.  We apply tested techniques to determine the best methods for selecting investments.

We are an independent third party in the cryptocurrency market.  We have not created any coins or exchanges.  We're not pushing a specific coin because we own it.  This allows us to give you unbiased advice on over 1,000 crypto currencies.

Our goal is to help the average person get started with crypto currency investing.  If you continue on, we'll help you understand why some investments are better than others, and help you find your own investment style.

Our Offerings

about cryptocurrency school & academy

  1. This website is all free for people that prefer to do everything on their own.  It also allows users to get to know us before trying our other offerings.
  2. Pro Investor website.  Designed for people that want to be actively involved, do it their self, but get expert advice to help them make better decisions. There are several levels:
    1. Free (beginner) - designed for people with less than $10,000 in cryptocurrencies.  Our goal is to teach you what you need to know to get to $10,000.
    2. Coaching by the hour - We offer on-line coaching that users pay for by the hour, where we share computer screens (we both look at the same screen), help you solve problems, answer questions and give advice that you can use.  Maybe you don't understand something on this website?  Maybe you want someone to walk through it with you?  Maybe you do not understand something?  Having trouble buying a cryptocurrency?
    3. Basic (some experience) - designed for people with between $10,000 and $100,000 in cryptocurrencies.  We provide more information to get people to $100,000.  For example, we give you our list of investment grade cryptocurrencies that the big investors are buying.
    4. Pro (experienced) - designed for people with more than $100,000.  At this level we open up more of our professional advice and share three portfolios with investors.  We want pro investors to diversify their holdings in crypto currencies - so that - in the event something should happen to one cryptocurrency - its hardly noticed.  Also, getting into the right cryptocurrencies when they are still small - can produce the largest gains.  We identify these cryptocurrencies for pro investors.  We also look at - when to start removing money from cryptocurrencies and putting that money into other investments.
  3. Managed Crypto Services is designed for people that want to invest in cryptocurrencies but not want to do any of the work.  In this case we create a separate partnership with each individual.  The individual contributes money to the partnership and then we buy and sell cryptocurrencies for them.  We charge standard 2 and 20 fees, and send quarterly reports.

Our Story

We feel that active management of stocks, mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, day trading and Forex has about run it's course.  We feel that crypto investments are just getting started and there is a lot of potential investing in crypto currencies.  We feel that cryptocurrencies are like an international stock market that is just getting started.

Be responsible - you do not need to do anything crazy.  Invest as much as you comfortably can, sit back and let returns compound for months and years.