Free Cryptocurrency School & Academy

Welcome to the Free Cryptocurrency School & Academy!

We provide a series of free lessons and additional topics that take crypto currency investors from uniformed beginners through buying their first cryptocurrencies.  If you already have some knowledge and experience - you can easily jump ahead, browse topics, or go to our premium website that has investment grade advice on crypto currencies.

This website is NOT designed for programmers that want technical details.  This website is designed for investors with little to no knowledge and experience investing in crypto currencies.  After you buy your first crypto-currency, we direct you to our paid website with intermediate and advanced resources.

If you want someone to walk through these instructions with you on-line or if you have a problem or question and want to talk with someone - we have coaching by the hour.

If you want to just give us money and we do all the buying and selling - we have managed crypto services.

Free Cryptocurrency School & Academy

You can read about crypto-currencies all you want.  Only way to really learn - is to buy crypto currencies.  Our goal is to make it easy and safe for you to buy your first cryptocurrency. 

Everything we tell you is 100% legal.  You can do/buy illegal things with regular US dollars. You can do/buy illegal things with cryptocurrencies.  If you do illegal things - you will probably run into huge problems later, lose all your money, and regret it.  If you do it the right way, you will do it all legally, make huge profits, pay about 15% tax on your profits and have a happy, luxurious life.  

This website is all free.  We want you to get to know us.  Once you start making serious money in cryptocurrencies - you'll want serious advice.  That is what our premium website is for - investment grade advice for cryptocurrencies.

What you can expect from Free Cryptocurrency School & Academy

In early lessons we walk you through buying your first crypto currency.  After you buy, we help you determine:

  • With over 1,000 cryptocurrencies you can buy - which are the best investments for you?
  • When should you start selling your cryptocurrencies?
  • How should you diversify your investments?
  • How crypto currencies are a part of diversified portfolio
  • Facts and myths about crypto currencies

Free Cryptocurrency School & Academy

If you want to day trade, spend all day in front of a computer, glued to graphs and tickers for hours and hours every day, and have much of your gains eaten up in fees and taxes - then our advice is NOT for you.  Those people are called crypto currency day traders and there are other websites for that.  In our humble opinion, you do not need to day trade in order to make significant money in crypto currencies.

We assume you have a day job and a life and don't want to spend all day on a computer.  Our analysis is long term so you can buy, forget, hold, and then cash in later - avoiding a lot of work, fees, and taxes.

We will cover short term (day) trading versus long term trading in later lessons.  In our humble opinion, 10 years from now, you will have a lot more money, after taxes, if you invest for the long term. 

We'll show you how to invest, legally, for the long term, without much effort and keep most of the money you earn.

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